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It may be that your level of English is pretty good but you want to take it to another level to aid your university studies or indeed professionally and an official exam is not what you are aiming for at the moment. Here at Purelingua we have years of experience in designing and developing classes to suit your specific needs.

Role play is often the best and most rewarding exercise in developing skills in the language and we can tailor courses to your specific needs. The importance of conversation in language learning cannot be stressed highly enough and our aim is to not only boost your speaking ability through knowledge of the language but also with confidence in using the language. These two elements although quite different in technical terms are inextricably/naturally linked practically and one generally follows the other: if you are a confident person you are likely to be comfortable in practising the language in class and vice versa.

Of course it may be that you would prefer to have something more official in terms of business qualifications which is when we turn once again to Cambridge Assessment English who offer specific business examinations There are three exams in the Cambridge English: Business Certificates (BEC) suite of exams. Each one is targeted at a different level varying from BEC Preliminary B1 to BEC Vantage B2 and finally the top level BEC Higher is the third of these exams. The content for each exam is based on everyday work and business tasks and is designed to develop your business English skills.